Hello Humanity,
This is a very uplifting post. It is about faith, balance, peace, and hope.
Love is Light and Light is Love

The Godly Chic Diaries

I will bring HEALTH and HEALING to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant PEACE and SECURITY — Jeremiah 33:6

2020 has been a doozie. There are still 4 months for this roller coaster year to end and I’m encouraging you (and myself) to keep believing…

This isn’t the life that we all imagined or envisioned a few months ago. I just want to encourage you guys, in these times of uncertainty, we have a God that is certain. A God that Gifts us with peace that surpasses all understanding. So let us continue to pray and praise Him in the midst of this fear and anxiety and allow His presence to take over and overflow in our lives. Let us stay hopeful that God is bigger than this virus…

Friends, No matter how dark and gloomy this year may seem. God can still turn…

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Hello Humanity,

I thought you might benefit from Ra Ha Sha message channeled by Dianne Aquarius.  

Love is Light and Light is Love


Channeled Conveyance From Ra Ha Sha: Message of Calmness and Unity

I greet you in the love and unity of the one infinite creator. The purpose of this conveyance is to instill calmness during this time of transition. As you begin to transition from third density to fourth density, you will experience unpredictability in your daily existence. There will be much change in the constructs you have devised and come to rely upon. Your political, economic and social constructs will be going through great change. There will also be environmental situations that will impact your planet and its inhabitants.

All of these shifts in your once predictable life are occurring at this time for a divine purpose. These changes are bringing enlightenment and an awakening of consciousness to many beings who are ready for this transition to fourth density. The reason for what you may call chaos is to facilitate change to those who needed a more significant experience to wake up.

At this time, we encourage you to go within and find your center. In order to find your center you must remember who you are at the core of your essence. You are an extension of Creator. The more you feel the connection between yourself and Creator the more you will experience wholeness. It is your soul’s natural state to be whole. Remember you were created in love by an all loving Creator. In times of turmoil, remember who you are by feeling the unity and love you have with Creator. We also encourage you to feel the connection between yourself and the inhabitants of your planet and all other planets. All beings are made by Creator and are truly connected as such.

During meditation, open your heart center. Imagine sending and receiving love to Creator to experience wholeness and unity with all that is. The love that Creator has for you is complete and whole. Feel the divine connection you have to all other beings and send them love. For when you remain in a state of love, you can not experience lower vibrational emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger and depression. There are many changes you will be experiencing in the coming months that can conjure lower vibrational emotions. We encourage you to remain in a state of love and unity with Creator and all that is. We leave you in the love and unity of the one infinite Creator.